Specialists in Chimney Surveys and Chimney Liner Installations
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Specialists in Flue Installations, High-end Fireplace Projects and Chimney Surveys

HomeChimney SurveysSS Flue InstallationFuranflex InstallationChimney Fan & Fireplace InstallationSub-Contract Installation TeamsPizza Oven FluesMeet The Team
HomeChimney SurveysSS Flue InstallationFuranflex InstallationChimney Fan & Fireplace InstallationSub-Contract Installation TeamsPizza Oven FluesContact Us / Meet the Team



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High-end fireplace design, flue supply and installation are one of our principal specialities. We are equally adept at interpreting and creating the aesthetic as we are at the technical aspects such as; manufacturing, installing flues, wiring controls and carrying out gas work and commissioning.


Our team is comprised of experienced installers and engineers in the field backed up by our talented designers. We directly employ electrical engineers, gas engineers, welder fabricators, flue installers, surveyors, designers and dedicated project managers so that all conceivable practicalities are covered in-house.

Every Aspect Covered

Because we can undertake all of the work associated with high-end domestic and commercial flue applications; we can cover every aspect of the work from beginning to end. We also specialise in Furanflex chimney lining and chimney surveys, as well as pizza oven flue systems.

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