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Chimney Fan & Fireplace Installation

We produce bespoke design drawings to provide expert advice and assistance for designers. We also carry out fireplace and chimney fan calculations to ensure that your fire and flue system design will comply with the latest regulations such as Approved Document J of the Building Regulations.

We have a great deal of experience of installations incorporating Exodraft, Flueboost and Dru chimney and inline fan systems and controls.

We install fires for open fireplace or room sealed systems covering a diverse range of manufacturer’s makes and models.

Dru Prestige Room Sealed Fire Attenuated Flue Exodraft Fans Dru PowerVent Fans Exodraft Fans Flueboost Inline Fan

Our control cables are installed at the same time as the flue and are generally fixed using a Paslode spit-gun system. Once installed, our engineers carry out continuity and insulation resistance tests to IEE and BS 7671:2008/11 standard. Each test result is witnessed and recorded on our test sheets by the M & E manager.

Continuity Test Insulation Resistance Megger 310