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Furanflex Installations

We can provide specialist installation services for Furanflex composite chimney liners in a wide variety of situations. Our highly competent installers are trained in Hungary by Kompozitor (the manufacturer of Furanflex), and have experience installing this revolutionary lining system for many different applications, including brick chimneys, ductwork and inside existing stainless steel flues for example.

Furanflex has many advantages over other lining systems; it can be used to provide a sealed lining within an old stainless steel flue when modern efficient condensing boilers are being installed to replace old atmospheric boilers – (thus reducing the costs of replacement). When it is installed within a brick chimney it can provide a sealed flue from top to bottom whilst maintaining up to 80-90% of the original cross sectional area as it has lateral flexibility allowing it to assume the shape of the inside of the chimney – stainless steel flexible liners cannot expand into the space available and therefore the result is very often a loss of free area which affects the fireplace calculation result.

Furanflex Lining Completed Furanflex in a Brick Chimney

Furanflex liner comes as a folded, soft and pliable tube which is lowered down the flue-way and is then inflated. Once inflated, steam is introduced to soften it further so that it expands more into the space available. Steam is then continuously pumped into the liner for a few hours to cause it to cure and solidify, thus providing a solid and fully sealed liner for your chimney or flue.

Furanflex Steam Process Furanflex Installed