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FlueCraft is a company specializing in chimney surveys for the high-end residential building developer.

With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the flue, fireplace and chimney industry we offer a unique and highly specialized solution to designers and developers who need to have chimney flues located, cleared and mapped for party wall agreements, steel support positioning, as well as structural integrity and fireplace viability reporting.

We use a combination of CCTV and radio detection (RD) methodology to locate and map hidden chimney flues. We can also provide ground penetrating radar (GPR) services to highlight locations for hidden flue routes where access is not available from top or bottom of the flue, (i.e. flue routes in a party wall serving an adjoining property).

For each survey we will ascertain the client’s outcome requirements for a particular situation and tailor the methodology and final written report to suit.

Survey reports can range from a basic single fireplace and flue drawing to a full dimensionally detailed report outlining positions for multiple flues on CAD / PDF drawings with CCTV footage, photographic detail, fireplace design calculations, sweeping and blockage clearance and full recommendations for re-lining and fire installation.

Chimney Surveys

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HomeChimney SurveysSS Flue InstallationFuranflex InstallationChimney Fan & Fireplace InstallationSub-Contract Installation TeamsPizza Oven FluesMeet The Team



Home Chimney Surveys SS Flue Installation Furanflex Installation Chimney Fan & Fireplace Installation Sub-Contract Installation Teams Pizza Oven Flues Contact Us / Meet the Team
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