Specialists in Chimney Surveys and Chimney Liner Installations
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Specialists in Chimney Surveys and Flue Installations

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HomeChimney SurveysSS Flue InstallationFuranflex InstallationChimney Fan & Fireplace InstallationContact Us / Meet the Team



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FlueCraft is a company specializing in chimney surveys for the high-end residential building developer.

With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the flue, fireplace and chimney industry we offer a unique and highly specialized solution to designers and developers who need to have chimney flues located, cleared and mapped for party wall agreements, steel support positioning, as well as structural integrity and fireplace viability reporting.

As installers of chimney lining systems, chimney fans and fireplace control systems, we know exactly what we’re looking for when carrying out a chimney survey.

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